The Barisieur / 淹れたてのコーヒー&紅茶が目覚まし時計?!

皆さん こんにちは!Pacific Business Ocean seeds Analyst の Catherineです。


“ The Barisieur ”


The Barisieurは、泡立つ水の音と淹れたてのコーヒーやルーズリーフティーの香りで、あなたを日中に癒してくれる、自動のコーヒーもしくはティーブリューワークです。


Hi! I’m Catherine, Pacific Business Ocean seeds Analyst.
Today I’m gonna introduce this to you!!

“ The Barisieur ”

It’s a freshly brewed coffee or tea alarm clock♡
What a wonderful product.

The Barisieur is an automatic coffee or tea brewer that eases you into the day with the sound of bubbling water and the smell of freshly brewed coffee or loose leaf tea.

Filled with a good smell, it seems that one day can be started comfortably♪
I want it.

The Barisieur