Pacific Ocean Business seeds Analyst マーサです!


その商品の名は、 NoirHubです!!




優れものですね!! (因みに優れもの、とは英語で、exceptional item と言います。)



Pacific Ocean Business seeds Analyst Martha!

This time, we will introduce a comprehensive charger that will be a strong friend to people who make full use of IT-related work and devices such as PCs, smartphones and iPads!

The name of this exceptional item is NoirHub! !

It is an ingenious charger designed on a hub model that supports a wide variety of mobile communication devices sold by a company called TECHABLE and used worldwide.

Peripherals can be extended while charging alone (or with a few additional adapters).

With your LAPTOP, TABLET, CAMERA, SD CARD, CELLPHONE, all that one charger.

Good thing! ! (By the way, good things are called “exceptional items.” in English)

In anticipation of an accelerating globalization and information society, this product, which can be connected to most adapters, is compact and functional, takes up less space, requires fewer wires, and has a lot of mobility for businessmen Also for travelers, it will be a very useful item! !