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それは、SHIFTCAMが販売している”Combining DSLR and Mobile 






※DSLR=ジタル一眼レフカメラ(Digital Single Lens Reflex camera / デジ一眼)

Take a look!! Combining DSLR and Mobile


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This time the world’s first ultra-wide 12 mm aspheric lens appeared!

It is marketed by SHIFTCAM “Combining DSLR and Mobile”

Wearing a smartphone, you can enjoy high-quality photos equivalent to single-lens reflex in the size that fits in the palm!

If it is this size, it is not necessary to carry a heavy and heavy camera in the crowd .

2020 Tokyo Olympic Year Eve! !

With this, you can leave memorial memories in beautiful pictures in the Olympic venue smartly and safely!

Let’s enjoy “PHONETOGRAPHY” from now on even if you don’t get expensive cameras and lenses.

※ DSLR = Digital single lens reflex camera (Digital Single Lens Reflex camera / Digital single lens)

Take a look out!! Combining DSLR and Mobile