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ご紹介する商品は、スタイリッシュなApple Watchの充電バンドです!

ARTENIX BANDが販売する“Artenix Band”

充電スタンド、電源ケーブルなしで腕に装着したままApple Watchを充電できます。

Artenix Charging Bandのワイヤレス機能で、いつでもどこでもApple Watchを充電可能!


Artenixバンドの充電には、付属のMicro USBケーブルか電源アダプタを使用

Take a look out!“Artenix Band”


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The product to introduce is a stylish Apple Watch charging band!

“Artenix Band” sold by ARTENIX BAND.

We can charge Apple Watch with putting on the arm without charge stands, power cable.

Charge your Apple Watch anytime, anywhere with the wireless capabilities of the Artenix Charging Band!

The supply of 550 mAh extends the battery life by up to 16 hours.

Use the included Micro USB cable or power adapter to charge the Artenix band

Band color is black, brown, red, four colors of blue.

Take a look out! “Artenix Band”