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商品名と同じAduri という名前の会社が販売する、世界初の多感覚瞑想クッションです。

瞑想グッズとして作られた多感覚クッション! ヨガや瞑想が心身の統一やリラクゼーションとして、世界的に広がっている今、ヨガスタジオや瞑想のインストラクター、瞑想関連施設、ヨガ好きの方々に、いち早く手にとっていただきたい商品ですね!




Pacific Ocean Business seeds Analyst Martha!

This time, we will introduce the world’s first meditation goods.

The name of the product is Aduri

The world’s first multi-sensory meditation cushion sold by a company named Aduri, whose product name is the same.

Multi-sensory cushion made as a meditation item! Now that yoga and meditation are spreading all over the world as unification and relaxation of mind and body, it is a product that you want yoga studios, meditation instructors, meditation related facilities, and people who like yoga to get their hands on quickly!

Aduri’s multi-sensory meditation cushions look forward to the day-to-day use of the world!