Pacific Ocean Business seeds Analyst ハンナです。

今回紹介したいのはオシャレでシンプルな本革のお財布、Solow Wallet です。







海外によく行く人にもおすすめしたいSolo Wallet です。


Pacific Ocean Business seeds Analyst Hannah.

This time I would like to introduce this fashionable and simple leather wallet, Solow Wallet.

It is a product of a company called FLYT,

Even though it is thin, it contains nine cards, and you can also add bills, and it comes with a card skimming prevention function!

Because it is thin, I can go in my pocket,

Women are likely to come in handy on a small bag day.

Daily use of the person who is using the card in the main,

It saves time and effort for cashing, and also has a skimming prevention function.

I want to recommend it to people who often go abroad, Solo Wallet.


Solo Wallet