Pacific Ocean Business seeds Analyst きほです。

今回は、運動で疲れた筋肉をご自宅でセルフケアできちゃう!Recoup Fitnessをご紹介します。







疲れた体を手軽にケアできる、Recoup Fitnessをぜひ活用してみてください!




Hi! Pacific Ocean Business Seed Analyst Kiho.

This time,Introducing Recoup Fitness,You will be able to self-care your tired muscles at home!

This product is equipped with massage and icing functions in one product.

Keep cold for 6 hours if chilled for 2 hours!

By cooling the muscles and doing massage, you can effectively recover from muscle fatigue.

It is also used by American Olympic media, football players, and NFL teams.

I also go to yoga every weekend, but often I can not get tired of my muscles during the day.

At that time, it is nice to be able to care at home feel free ♪

Take advantage of Recoup Fitness, which allows you to easily care for your tired body!




Recoup Fitness

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