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アメリカのクラフトビール醸造メーカーSly Fox Brewingをご紹介します。

Sly Fox Brewingは、アメリカのペンシルベニア州に本社を置き、1995年の創業以来様々なクラフトビールを醸造しています。
尚、Sly Foxを直訳すると「ずるいキツネ」。ビール缶にはきつねが描かれているのも特徴です。



Sly Fox Brewing は、自社ビールが飲めるレストランをピッツバーグに2019年中に2件オープン予定とのこと。
日本ではまだまだ飲める機会は少ないようですが、きつねが描かれたSly Fox Brewingのビールを見つけた際はぜひ飲んでみてくださいね!

Pacific Ocean Business seeds Analyst Kiho.

This time, I love beer!
Introducing the American Craft Beer BrewerSly Fox Brewing.

Sly Fox Brewing is headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA and has brewed various craft beers since its inception in 1995.
they have won the beer festival in the United States, and as of July 2019, they are developing 10 types of beer.
In addition, “Sleek fox” is translated from Sly Fox. The beer cans are also characterized by the drawing of a fox.

Craft beer refers to “a variety of unique beers made by small-scale breweries.”
The taste varies depending on the brewery, from bitter and crumb to sweet and refreshing ones and fruity ones!
Even if you are not good at beer, you may find your favorite beer ♪

(The most favorite drink of Kiho is beer! Especially, IPA is unbearable.)

Sly Fox Brewing is planning to open two restaurants in Pittsburgh by 2019 for its own beer.
In Japan, there are still few opportunities to drink, but if you find a beer with Sly Fox Brewingdrawn with fox, please try it! Hey!


Sly Fox Brewing Co.


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