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お店のような氷を作りたいと思ったらJoe MyersIce Made Clearでつくってみてください!

Ice Made Clearで作った氷は味がよく、飲み物は冷たく水っぽくなりません。そしてガラスのように透明で美しいです。


Ice Made Clearでお店のような氷を自宅でも作ってみてはいかかでしょうか?

Pacific Ocean Business seeds Analyst Natsuko.

The coming season is ice, which many people should use at home,

The ice you see in the shop is clear and beautiful, but the ice you make at home will be whitish.

If you want to make a shop-like ice, try making with Ice Made Cleart!

Ice made with Ice Made Clear tastes good, drinks are cold and not watery. And it is transparent and beautiful like glass.

I think it is good to change the size of the ice depending on the drink because it can be made two types.

How about making ice like shop at Ice Made Clear at home?


Ice Made Clear