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いびき防止アイマスク ”Hupnos”


  1. スマートフォンのアプリと連携し、あなたのいびきのパターンを分析します。寝てる間にいびきをかき始めるとアイマスクは微小な振動を送り、気道を確保しやすい姿勢へとあなたを導きます。
  2. それでもいびきが続く場合には、EPAP(Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure)と呼ばれる治療法を用い、アイマスクのノーズピースを通して圧力をかけ気道を確保します。



Hi!I’m Ayako, Pacific Ocean Business seeds Analyst.

Today I would like to introduce you ”Hupnos”, for people who have trouble with your own or partner’s snoring.

It is a a self-learning, snore reduction sleep mask.

Here’s what ”Hupnos” can do for you.

  1. This sleep mask cooperates with smartphone App and analyzes your snoring habits. When App detects snoring while you are sleeping, via accelerometer built into the Sleep Mask, it delivers gentle vibrations to cue you to change position.
  2. If snoring continues, EPAP increases through valve in mask’s silicone nosepiece, using own breath to open airway, allowing quiet breathing.

Check this new anti-snoring device out to say goodbye to the snoring!

Hupnos: Self-Learning Sleep Mask To Stop Snoring